Marketing Consultant Job Interview Questions

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Marketing Consultant Job Interview Questions (With Answers) 2022 2023

Marketing Consultant Job Interview Questions

Marketing consultants help businesses better understand their clients. They identify successful marketing ideas and strategies that will effectively and efficiently reach targeted audiences.

If you’re preparing for a job search or an upcoming interview for a marketing consultant position, knowing what types of questions to expect will help you thrive and land the job. Therefore, you must be prepared to answer questions about your experience, knowledge and expertise in the marketing industry. 

In this article, we will provide you with some marketing consultant job interview questions and answers to help you prepare.


11 Common Marketing Consultant Job Interview Questions and Answers

Q: How Did You Hear About Our Company?

Employers advertise job openings on several platforms. When a candidate shows up for an interview, they want to know how and where you found them. For instance, they might have advertised the position on different social media platforms or even made a YouTube video outlining their hiring requirements. To determine which of their efforts are most successful, they usually start by asking, “How did you hear about this job?”


It is perfectly fine, to tell the truth when you explain how you heard about their job opening. Just feel free and express yourself formally.


“I wasn’t seeking a job change, and a colleague mentioned that he/she saw you were hiring on your website. I visited your website and read through the careers page. I liked what I read there, so I decided to apply and learn more about the opportunity.


Q: Are You Familiar With The Company’s Products And Services?

To start with, your employer will ask you about the company’s products or services. They do this to confirm if you have done any research on their company. 

Employers only want people eager to join the company, and the best way to show eagerness is by doing in-depth research to know as much as possible about the company, its products, and its services.


When answering this question, you should let your employer know how passionate you are about the company. You can do this by mentioning one of the company’s products or services you use often and how you can bring in new ideas that would improve the company’s growth.


“I am highly familiar with your company’s products and services.” I’ve loved (mention a product or service you are familiar with)since I was a kid. My parents used your product when I was younger, so it’s fantastic to be able to work for such a forward-thinking company. “I believe I can contribute some new ideas to assist your company in thriving.”


Q: What Are The Effective Strategies You Have Used To Help A Client Achieve Their Marketing Goals?

This question is the same as asking about your previous work experience. It provides the interviewer with information about your knowledge as a marketing consultant and also to learn about the successful campaigns you’ve led. 

Effective Strategies You Have Used To Help A Client Achieve Their Marketing Goals


When answering this question, you should use examples from previous projects to demonstrate your knowledge, ability, and creativity in designing effective marketing strategies. When citing previous projects, discuss only the necessary details to illustrate what you can do and how you intend to implement them in this new role. This will allow you to convey new facts without having to repeat yourself.


“At my last job, I worked with a client who wanted to gain more traction online. So,  I started creating a company blog and social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We also developed material relevant to our target demographic and regularly shared it on each platform. This technique assisted my client in meeting their aim of raising brand awareness and revenue.”


Q: How Would You Develop A Marketing Plan For A New Product Or Service?

With this question, the interviewer wants to understand how you plan to get your product in front of different audiences to ensure success in the most effective way possible.


When answering this question, you should cite examples of your previous works that were successful due to your effective marketing plan.


“Before creating a marketing plan for a new product or service, I’ll start by knowing the product and the potential market interest level. I will also define my target audience to know who needs the product and how to sell to them.”

“Finally, I will analyze my competitors to know what they are doing wrong and how to take advantage of their weaknesses to drive more sales.”


Q: What Is Your Experience With Social Media Marketing?

Social media is the most powerful marketing tool today. It is a platform where consumers learn about new products, brands, and businesses. Therefore, employers ask this question to learn about your expertise in social media marketing and how good you are at using social media to drive sales.


Start your answer by telling the number of years you’ve worked as a social media marketer and what you achieved.


I have over 3 years of experience working as a social media marketer. During these years, I worked with several clients who needed help improving their social media presence. I also managed pages for brands to improve their reach organically and via paid ads.


Q: Why Should We Hire You?

Although this question sounds simple, it’s one of the trickiest interview questions you can get. And if you are unable to respond, your interview will be zero.

While most people think this question is about themselves, employers only ask this question to learn more about how you can benefit the company. 


While answering this question, it is important to emphasize how your skill or experience will benefit the company.


“I’ve worked in the B2B and B2C marketing sectors for more than ten years. I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, so I know what it takes to develop an efficient marketing plan for all sizes of businesses. In my previous position, I also contributed to a local company’s 200% annual growth. This was because I could create a digital marketing strategy using social media, SEO, and PPC. I hope to replicate the results and do more if hired.


Q: What Would You Do If You Learned That One Of Your Marketing Campaigns Was Unsuccessful?

Marketing Consultants are responsible for the success or failure of their campaigns. Your interviewer probably wants to know how you would react if a campaign didn’t achieve its objectives.


To answer the question, cite instances from the past where you discovered a marketing campaign had failed and the actions you took to make things better.


“In my previous role as a marketing consultant, I was responsible for creating a Facebook ad campaign for a client who runs an Ecom store selling branded T-shirts. Within the first month, the campaign’s sales were 4%. This was 6% lower than the 10% target we promised the customer. I met with the client to discuss the campaign’s poor performance, and we both decided on changes to be made. When we made those adjustments in the second month of the campaign, sales skyrocketed by a massive 15%.


Q: Do You Understand The Importance Of Data Analysis In Marketing?

Data analysis is one of the most important aspects of marketing because it lets you see how your campaigns have performed and optimize them to get better results.

Employers ask this question to know if you understand the importance of tracking data analytics during your marketing campaigns and how you can use it to help the company achieve its marketing goals.

Data Analysis In Marketing


When answering this question, let the interviewer know that you understand every aspect of data analysis in marketing. You should also use examples of a job you handled in the past and how you used data analytics to develop a marketing plan for clients or improve a marketing effort. 


Data analysis is one aspect of marketing that I find so interesting because it lets me know what a client is doing wrong and what to do to get the desired results. In my previous position, I assisted a client who was having trouble using Facebook ads to drive sales to her Hair Wigs store. I studied the ad performance and discovered that she was targeting both males and females, which increased her cost per landing page view while also driving irrelevant traffic to the site. I made some changes and also tweaked the ad placement. Following the changes, she came back rejoicing over an increase in sales.


Q: When Working With A Team Of Professionals, How Do You Manage Conflict And Ensure Everyone Is Aligned On Strategy?

As a marketing consultant, you should be ready to work with professionals in the same field to achieve a goal. During an interview, your employer might ask how you manage conflict in your team to learn about your teamwork skill and how you utilize it within a team.


Your response must prove that you have good teamwork and interpersonal skills. You can do this by explaining how you handle conflict and utilize problem-solving techniques to ensure everyone is on the same page.

“I believe teamwork makes the dream work. Every team member needs to understand that their voice is being heard.

To achieve this, I actively listen to the ideas and viewpoints of my co-workers before expressing my own. This helps me to understand their views and figure out how to apply their recommendations to our plan. I always attempt to be as inclusive as possible when creating tactics when working with a team. I also want my colleagues to disagree with me and provide me with constructive criticism so we can develop the best strategy.


Q: How Often Do You Recommend Making Changes To Marketing Strategies?

This is a common interview question used to measure how frequently and for what reasons you suggest changing marketing techniques.

The company understands that it is impossible to keep a marketing strategy for a long time since it would become ineffective. But, the interviewer will still ask this question to learn about how you make changes to your marketing strategy and why you do so.


Your response should give a real-life instance of when you suggested modifying a strategy, the justification for the change, and the outcomes of putting the new approach into practice.


If I see that a marketing strategy isn’t working or if there’s a chance to make it better, I usually suggest changing it. For instance, at my previous job, we used a particular type of video for our social media advertisement, but it wasn’t performing as we wanted. Then I called my co-workers, and we agreed to make another video with a different storyline. The new video attracted more people, lowered our cost per click and increased ROI.

Therefore, when working with a particular strategy, I review it almost every week to ensure all of our objectives and target audience are met. I also meet with my colleagues to review the strategy and suggest revisions.


Q: How Would You Identify a New Trend and Capitalize To Get Results?

Most business owners are constantly looking for an edge. They are interested in working with consultants who see trends before anyone else and capitalize on it to expand their business.          

This question is a great way to see how well you can identify trends and capitalize on them. Furthermore, it lets the interviewer learn about your creativity in developing original ideas for marketing initiatives.


Firstly, I would do some research to find out what the trend Is about, who it is targeted at, and how relevant it is to our target market. I would then develop ideas to incorporate this trend into our current marketing strategy. For instance, if I were working with a company that makes kitchen equipment and wanted to target women, I would make a list of popular kitchen influencers on social media and get in touch with them to work with the brand.


Wrapping Up

Marketing consultants are now more important than ever – consultants who understand new and trending marketing channels that can improve sales.

If you’re looking to add a marketing consultant to your company’s team, these questions will assist you in finding the ideal candidate to achieve your marketing goals.



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