How To Find Out Who Owns an Instagram Account

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Who Owns an Instagram Account

How To Find Out Who Owns an Instagram Account

One of the challenges faced by online marketers and content creators on social media platforms is “account cloning.” If you built a successful business page on Instagram or any other social media platforms, you will surely experience this problem.

Account cloning means that someone has stolen your bio, videos, images, and contents and created an account that looks exactly like yours. The goal of these fake accounts is to drive your customers to themselves (the fake owners) and use that opportunity to sell their products. However, this can damage your company’s reputation because the customers won’t be aware that it is a fake account. 

So, how do you unveil the face behind a fake Instagram account? How do you know the person that cloned your account to take advantage of your customers?

This article answers all your questions as we have compiled a list of foolproof methods to find out the person behind an Instagram account. These methods are very effective and you can use them to ensure your safety while also satisfying your curiosity without appearing shady or desperate.


Let’s get started.

How To Find Out Who Owns an Instagram Account

Use Third-Party Apps

The easiest and stress-free method to find out who owns an Instagram account is to use a Third-party application.


BeenVerified and PeopleLooker are some of the effective apps that can help you determine who owns an Instagram account by providing useful information about the person. 


Each application has its own interface, but the majority of them are simple to use. According to PeopleLooker, you can get the name of a person behind an account, the addresses, email, phone numbers, and that of the relatives. With these information, you can easily identify the person who runs an Instagram profile that you are curious or suspicious about.


However, these apps are not free. Most of the PeopleLooker “user database” are locked behind premium payments, whereas BeenVerified offers the full range of its results without any limitations using the free trial.


PeopleLooker costs $14.62 per month while BeenVerified price plans range from $17.48 per month to $26.89 per month.

Monitor the IP Address of the Account

If you are not able to afford the apps mentioned above, you can track their IP address – which is FREE.


There are free IP detector softwares you can use online. Websites like Grabify IP Logger or iStaunch’s Instagram IP Address Finder, can help you determine the IP address of any Instagram profile in one click.


Another simple method is to follow the account you want to investigate and click on the location tracking URLs. This will reveal the user’s IP address, making it easier to locate the owner.

Check Other Social Media Platforms

You can also check for other social media platforms if there is another fake account.

Social media sites like Facebook, leave traces of a person’s account information in the profile page. These information include the address, phone number, Email and other contact information.


If you are able to get the phone number of the person behind the fake account, you can use Call ID detector application like TrueCaller to reveal the person’s name (identity).


You can also search the Instagram username on other social media platforms like Twitter, which may provide more useful information including occupation, and email address.

Check Followers and Followings

This is another method to get an inkling of the person behind the fake account. If the account has a few followers, note the name of the followers and check if the same name is following the account on another social media platform. 


For example if you check the following on the person’s Instagram account and you come across a name ( e.g Maxy Mille) on his Instagram and Facebook following. Check other sites like Twitter, TilTok and more if he/she is following that same person.


If the fake account is following the same name (Maxy Mille) on all other social media platforms, this indicates that the person behind the fake account is Maxy Mille. This is because the person might follow his accounts to grow his followers. He could also do this to link the fake accounts to his real accounts to be able to gain access in case he forgot the password.

Perform a Reverse Image Search On Google

If the methods discussed above don’t work for you, you can also run a Reverse Image Search. To do this, upload the person’s Instagram profile image to Google, hit the search button, and see what comes up.


Though this method does not directly reveal who is behind the account, it can bring up other sites where the image appears, allowing you to dig deeper and learn more about the person.

Final Thoughts

We addressed the question of “how to find out who owns an Instagram account” in this guide. We hope that these simple yet effective methods help you find who you’re looking for on Instagram. 

If you have any questions about any of the methods listed above or want to learn more about them, please do not hesitate to comment below.

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