How To Add Link to Facebook Story

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Add Link to Facebook Story

How To Add Link to Facebook Story

Facebook is the biggest social media platform where you could direct traffic to your website. The American social media giant allows you to have up to 5000 friends, and millions of followers on your groups/pages where  you could direct people to any page on your website.

With the new page experience introduced by Facebook, you can now create a story on your Facebook page and share with all your followers. But one thing most people want to know is; can you add a link to a Facebook story?

Yes! You can add a link to a Facebook story, and this article explains the step-by-step guide to do that.

What are Facebook Stories?

Facebook stories are like status updates (things that are happening around you) that you share with your Facebook friends.

Just like the WhatsApp Status Updates, your Facebook story will be made visible to your friends for 24 hours and it appears at the top of your friends’ and followers’ News Feeds.

To post Facebook Stories on behalf of your brand’s Facebook page, you must be an administrator or author of that page. Also, when you want to write or share your stories, we recommend using the Facebook app (available for Android and iOS), because it has more features and tools than Facebook’s desktop version.

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Why Add Link in Your Facebook Story?

As previously stated, the clickable links in Facebook stories help creators to communicate more effectively with their audience.

For example, let’s say you are a creator with millions of followers on Facebook and you want to direct some of your traffic to YouTube so you could gain more subscribers and watch hours. 

You will have to create a thriller video which will be used for your Facebook story – with the full video on your YouTube channel. Then, you include the YouTube video link when posting the thriller on your Facebook story for your audience to watch it on YouTube.

With this, the traffic you sent from Facebook will help you gain more subscribers and watch hours. 

Also, businesses can use this method by creating a short video ad and include a link to purchase page to increase their sales.

Facebook stories are not the same as regular Facebook posts. They appear at the top of people’s feeds and capture their attention – so you have more chances of getting sales.

How To Add Link to Facebook Story

Use Instagram

You can add link to your Facebook story by creating the post on Instagram. When you create a story on Instagram, you can share it to your Facebook profile and it will appear on the story. 

To do this; 

  • Create an Instagram story. it can be picture or video.
  • Copy the link that you want to include in your story. 
  • Tap the chain-link button at the top to add a link.
  • Paste the link to appear on your Instagram story. 
  • Share the story to your Facebook feed.
  • The link will appear on the Facebook story you created via Instagram.

The process is simple, though it does necessitate the use of the Instagram app.

Use WhatsApp

Meta has integrated its main app (Facebook) to work with all subsidiaryy apps (WhatsApp, Instagram and more). So, when you create a new post on these subsidiary apps, you can share it on your Facebook profile.  These can appear as posts or stories on your Facebook.

The same applies to creating a story on Facebook via WhatsApp. To do this; 

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone. 
  • Select the pencil icon from the top Status tab. 
  • Create a WhatsApp status. It can be a video or photo.
  • Now, copy the URL and paste it into your WhatsApp status. After you’ve posted your story, you’ll be given the option to share it. 
  • Tap on Share to Facebook.
  • The post will appear on your Facebook with the link in it.

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Using Facebook Newsfeed

This is another excellent way to share a link to your Facebook Story without having to use another social media platform.

To add a link to your Facebook Story, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Facebook app.
  • Go to the Newsfeed to create a new post.
  • Add a photo, video or text. You can also add a link in the box and wait for the preview to appear.
  • Once the preview has loaded, copy the link and paste it to your Newsfeed. 
  • Wait for uploading to complete.
  • This will add a new story to your Facebook profile, complete with a clickable link. 


Understanding how to post a link on a Facebook story is the first step toward increasing the number of people who view the content in your story. As a result, it will only be reasonable if done properly.


There are several methods for including a clickable link in your Facebook stories. The link can be shared via WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook’s Newsfeed. You are free to use whatever works best for you and what you believe is best for you.

How To Add a Clickable Link To a Facebook Photo That Has Been Shared

To do this, go to the post and click on the more option icon to edit. Then, copy and paste the link in the post and a photo from the related article or blog post will replace the previous photo. 

What Is The Most Effective Way To Include a Link In a Message?

To include a link in your Facebook message, simply type or paste the entire message and include the URL at the end.

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